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Thermal Insulation

Water pipes, hot water pipes, air conditioning condensate drains, etc. may cause problems such as condensation or burn due to the temperature difference between the fluid flowing into the pipe and outside. These piping require high thermal insulation performance and there have been lots of efforts to solve these problems.

01 generation

General piping + insulation enclosing

It is a method where general single-layer pipes are wrapped with additional insulation material, restricting heat trans-fer and gaining a heat insulation effect. It has some disadvantages it requires a separate thermal insulation cost (in addition to the cost of pipe installation), a long construction period, and a high possibility of incomplete install.

02 generation

Triple-layer insulation pipe

The triple-layer insulated pipe has hard-PVC inner and outer walls and a porous special insulation layer between them, and this technology enables the realization of low heat transfer performance. It has excellent heat insulation performance although it does not require an additional insulation enclosing.

03 generation

The double-layer pipe with intermediate air gap

The double-layer pipe with intermediate air gap is a pipe which restricts the heat transfer from the inside to the out-side of the pipe by placing a hollow space between the inner layer and the outer layer of the pipe. Because of the excellent heat insulation characteristics of the air layer, it has a higher insulation performance than the existing tri-ple-layer products.