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High stiffness double wall pipes & fittings

Double wall PVC
pipe (DC)

The double-wall pipe is a double-layered pipe with excellent external strength and water tightness. Its inner wall surface of the pipe is smooth without concave-convex surface, and its outer wall is made of a concave-convex structure.


  • Suitable for sewer maintenance project and enables easy maintenance
  • Excellent durability and semi-permanent useful life
  • High strength against external pressure
  • Easy to carry, handle and install with light weight
  • Low deformation with double wall structure
  • Excellent and semi-permanent water tightness with EPDM rubber ring


  • Storm water pipeline and waste water pipes for public sewerage
  • Storm water pipeline and waste water pipes for apartments
  • Intercepting channel for sewage treatment plant


  • Double wall pipe (DC)