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sewer fitting

The impact-resistant pipe fittings are a joint fitting used for connecting to an impact-resistant sewer pipe. It is used as underground pipes under non-pressure condition. It is made from impact modifier and hard PVC resin, ensuring high impact strength


  • Eco-friendly products made from non-toxic material, causing no concern for water pollution
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance to chemicals
  • Excellent adaptability to land deformation, such as load deformation (subsidence of ground), after construction
  • High mechanical strength
  • Light and strong, easy handling and installation
  • Excellent weatherability, chemical resistance and oil resistance


  • Storm water pipeline to sewers


  • 90 Elbow (90SA)

  • 45 Elbow (45SA)

  • 30 Elbow (30SA)

  • 22 Elbow (22SA)

  • 11 Elbow (11SA)

  • Socket (WA)

  • Single-end-nut socket

  • Dual-end-nut socket

  • Reducer

  • Split Socket

  • Adaptor

  • YT (LTA)

  • Cap - small manhole (HIVG 150)

  • Cap - waste water receiver (HIVG 100)

  • YT (LTA)

  • Maintenance hole cover